Hello, my name is


I'm python/django engineer specializing in creating original automation, tooling and full-stack services. I'm well versed in data modeling, API development, and deployments in bare metal, virtual, cloud, and container based environments.
Most recently I've been working on solutions for automated provisioning, identity and access management, and evidence identification/tracking for certification audits.

Current tech stack for these projects includes: django, python, MySQL, celery, redis, rabbitMQ, bootstrap, docker, kubernetes, centos, git.

Skills Overview

A 'jack of many; master of few,' I currently consider myself strongest in python an django, though I've used many different technologies throughout my career. Here are some of the technologies I use.

10 years

6 years

5 years

6 years

5 years

Web Design
6 years

4 years

4 years

2 years

10 years

4 years

3 years

3 years

Source Code Management
7 years

5 years

5 years

5 years

2 years


Over the years I've had the opportunity to drive several great projects. Here are a few that are particularly memorable.

Cloud Management Platform

Orchestrated full-stack platform to provide data and analytics for inventory, capacity, auditing, and health status from multiple clouds in a consolidated interface. Also included are self-service instance controls, trend reports, and admin-specific functions.
Technologies Used:
Python, Django, MySQL, Redis, Celery, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, Openstack, Bootstrap, AWS, Azure, GCP, LDAP, Jira, PagerDuty

IAM Service

This service continuously audits identity and access management (IAM) related data from cloud providers, including AWS, and internal sources, like LDAP and Jira, to identify issues requiring remediation. Additionally, data analyzed is used for evidence gathering for certifications like SOC, FedRamp, and PCI.
Technologies Used:
Python, Django, MySQL, Redis, Celery, RabbitMQ, Docker, Kubernetes, Bootstrap, AWS, LDAP, Jira

Configuration Management System

Created web-based service to generate, tack, and deploy customer-specific layer-3 and layer-2 configurations used to link customers through Equinix's internal exchanges, significantly reducing engineering and delivery time for exchange orders.
Technologies Used:
Python, Django, MySQL, Bootstrap, Linux, Juniper, Arista

Pre-commit Validation System

Originated tooling to execute developer-specific build commands on demand, used to test code compiles prior to submitting into source control, which ensured code health, successful builds, and on-time delivery.
Technologies Used:
Python, Linux, Bash, CVS, GIT, MySQL, LSF

Custom Router Simulators

Designed service to accept and process incoming CLI, Netconf, and XML commands over ssh to mimic responses of Cisco and Juniper devices. This service was used for integration testing, demos, and training, while providing significant cost savings.
Technologies Used:
Python, ssh, Redhat, Ubuntu, Cisco, Juniper, Netconf, XML

Employment History

With close to two decades of industry experience, I've had some great positions during my career. Below is some of the most relevant work experience.
  • Senior Site Reliability Engineer
    • Architected platform to identify Access and Identity Management (IAM) related issues from multiple cloud providers to facilitate security remediation and provide evidence used in certification audits, ensuring Box’s cloud infrastructure remains secure and compliant
    • Developed and delivered system to organize, facilitate, and automate evidence collection for multiple certifications including SOC, PCI, FedRAMP, HIPPA, ISO9001 and others
    • Designed and deployed custom cloud management platform to manage components, inventory, capacity, self-service operations, and health checks across multiple clouds provided by Openstack, AWS, Azure, and GCP
    • Delivered custom tooling to facilitate patching activity and status based on Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) to ensure Box’s host infrastructure remains secure
    • Created highly available Redis systems spanning multiple clouds across multiple data centers and included a custom CLI allowing manual and automated changes to DNS entries, process control, and service interaction for automated host patching
    • Successfully migrated multiple services including those build upon bare metal servers, virtual machines, and kubernetes pods as part of a datacenter migrations with zero operational impact
    • Championed best practices, code health, repository management, and design standards
    • Served as mentor to junior engineers and provided training and tech talks to colleagues of all levels
  • Senior Packet Switch Engineer
    • Implemented a full stack, web-based platform (utilizing linux, python, django, mysql, and bootstrap) containing tools to generate and track customer configurations on production systems, perform Field Implementation Tests, manage equipment, and house other network tools and utilities
    • Created original automation framework to support operations on lab equipment, supporting multiple platform vendors including Juniper, Cisco, Arista, and Ciena and test equipment such as Ixia, and others
    • Maintained virtual infrastructure and owned turned up and configuration of virtual machines to support lab and production functions
  • Senior Tools Engineer
    • Maintained infrastructure, configuration, and scripts to execute and tally results of hourly and nightly builds across thirty independent branches in a continuous integration environment
    • Developed a custom system to validate pre-merged source code prior to SCM integration
    • Created automation tools to facilitate code compliance, identify build issues, and standardize release packages
    • Administered resources including SCM tools, Coverity, MySQL databases, network filers, and other systems utilized by the software organization
    • Served as project manager for shared network systems and infrastructure used by multiple international groups, responsible for administration, forecasting, etc.
  • Senior Automation Engineer
    • Enhanced automated process for qualifying software builds by adding system setup, execution, result tallying, and result distribution into a single dynamic launcher
    • Optimized automation efficiency by creating automation framework for parallel element usage
    • Developed multiple levels of build qualification suites, improving build quality
    • Designed and implemented standardization of automated test scripts, suites, and documentation
    • Developed Python based tools to monitor Linux processes and automation status to track system usage, stability, and availability
    • Created method of queuing automation tests to maximize equipment usage and sharing
    • Originated a single, menu-driven utility to view and manage running scripts, suites, scheduled tests, lab equipment, and network configurations
    • Developed custom Python APIs to interface with network elements, servers, and test equipment
    • Turned-up and maintained Linux systems with custom configurations to enhance automation environment and capacity
    • Created web infrastructure based on LAMP technologies to control automation execution and results analysis, improving visibility to potential test failures and conflicted results
    • Created dynamic router simulators, utilizing XML, netconf, and CLI portals, used to enhance management interface testing, demo presentations, and training sessions
  • Senior Test Engineer
    • Developed enhanced test and results tracking methods
    • Improved document management and information dissemination
    • Qualified multiple product releases for GA with a limited project window
    • Designed customizable and reusable component specific suites to aid automated testing
    • Authored custom Python code to interface with optical networking equipment via TL1 and CLI
    • Maintained lab containing network elements, Linux and Windows serves, and optical test equipment


Having earned my degrees, listed below, while working full-time, I thoroughly understand the value of education. More recently I've continued to augment my knowledge through self-directly and online courses. I highly value exposure to new areas and hope to always be learning.

B.S. in Information Technology

A.S. in Electronics Technology

Certificate in Computer Hardware

Certificate in Computer Networks

Personal Projects

For examples of my coding experience please see the personal projects below. These are open-source and all code is available on my Github. Additionally, there is a live preview available for NextHost. Select a project below for more information.


A collection of handy utilities to support django operations



A user extension module for django



A django app to enable dynamic control of model signals



A service to manage hostnames.